You are being Patient. Question is, how long should you be?

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Being patient has been one of the important things I have learned in the past couple of year which has been a turbulent emotional roller coaster ride. I cannot emphasize enough on the significance of the virtue of patience.

Most of us don’t accept the fact that there are numerous things in life which completely depend on external factors. There are times when you feel you cant do anything, except for 3 things; believing in your own self, having faith in god and finding the inner strength to endure the suffering. Luckily, these 3 are not the external factors. Unfortunately, there are instances where we follow through all these three things but end up being affected by something equally or far worse, unrealistic expectations as opposed to hope.

No two people ever share the same fate, despite the fact that they may sometimes be going through similar circumstances if not the same. Where 1 person has his hopes and expectation fulfilled in a couple of months, the other may take far longer or far shorter.

Personally, 6 years ago, there were a lot of things I wanted to accomplish in life which I had decided upon. Where my competitors/colleagues/friends all accomplished the similar goals within 1-2 years, for me its been 6 years and I would say I have still reached 75 percent of what I had decided.

I saw it all in these last 6 years, lost my capability to tolerate, realized my expectations as far too unrealistic (even though they weren’t really), suffered emotionally, sailed through depression, understood what losing almost everything looks like, lost confidence in myself, god, my fate. But in the end, I realized there is one thing which really helped me wake up every day and stand on my feet. That was patience. I was patiently waiting. Waiting for my moment. Patiently waiting for my suffering to end and constantly praying for at least having the strength to endure the suffering.

So was it worth? It absolutely was. I don’t claim to be an expert, but the journey did indeed make me wiser, more confident, restored my belief in myself and in god. Helped in understand that patience pays off. Sometimes it may take its own sweet time than we imagine. If you are hell bent on achieving your goals and willing to do what is necessary, it is only a matter of time. What is necessary besides your hard work is your capability to patiently wait for the results.

And if you fail. Analyse the results, get to work again and repeat the exercise of patiently waiting again. So you see, patience is nothing but trying, failing, trying again, failing again and never getting tired of repeating this exercise until you succeed.

Lisa Swanson has written a great book by the name; Patience: The Power of Faith, Time and Commitment.

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