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Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it – Charles R Swindoll 

Every action we take to whatever situation we face, has a reaction. However, it is nothing but our reaction to the situation which culminates in the consequences we eventually face. No matter if that is positive or negative. 

Sometimes I wonder if I compared the situations we face today with ones the generation(s) before us faced and our ancestors faced, how trivial would they seem?  

Would we see an event as inconsequential or insignificant which had actually been a turning point for them? Were the stakes as high for them then as they are today for us?

For instance, the technology allows us to make friends across the globe. Do we see this as a positive sign that we are able to know someone, talk to them without ever physically being there? Or is it a negative sign that we sit in one position in front of our smartphones and laptops instead of actually stepping out and truly meeting someone who we know is real, and is really there? 

Unfortunately, none of the above questions have a yes or no answer. And none of the answers will ever be completely right or completely wrong. When we talk about life, everything is subjective and every answer equals an opinion. And opinions are formed with one’s knowledge, wisdom and personal experience and influences.  

A person’s experiences, knowledge and wisdom more often than not influences his/her reactions. And based on how their life responds to their reactions, is how they see life. 

Life could be simple, interesting, boring, sad or depressed, engaging, lively, full of love, full of chaos, full of happiness, unfair, fortunate, biased, complicated, lonely, etc. 

Life will be how we see it. I don’t believe there is a definition of life. Atleast not one which can be understood by us mortal beings. But there is one thing we all know but somehow find it difficult to accept it. As they say, easier said than done. The one thing about life we do know is, it goes on.  

Hard it may be to accept but sooner or later, everyone’s presence and absence will be forgotten. Oblivion is mankind’s final destination.  

And so, while we all worry about the sadness in our lives and worrying about the future, life is slowly and steadily fading away.  

Every moment spent worrying about the future is a moment wasted. Every moment wasted is a wasted opportunity to yourself happy. It is a scientifically proven fact that even forcing yourself a smile can actually make you happy.  

Every moment wasted is a wasted opportunity to bring a smile on someone’s face. Making someone else happy can actually make you feel great and this feeling tends to stay with you longer than your own happiness. Psycologist’s term this as Helper’s High. 

Realistically speaking, it is obviously impossible for any person to spend every waking moment of their lives smiling and being happy. Sorrows and Failures will knock on the doors more times then happiness will. However, when a person is hell bent and determined to be happy, sorrows will start to seem less sorrowful. Pain may be easier to accept, moving on may become easier.  

While all the renowned scientists and priests figure out the reason behind life and human existence, instead of waiting for their results perhaps we can live life assuming that the motive is to lead a happy life and spread happiness. As cliched as it may sound, it can certainly help one lead a happier life. And who doesn’t wish to lead a happy life, right?

As I mentioned before, this is subjective matter and everyone may have a different opinion. There is no absolute right or wrong. If you have a different take and opinion on the matter, please feel free to leave your thoughts. 

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