About Us

Hello Everyone! My name is Darshik Jariwala, I am from Canada and the owner of this website as well as the author of blogs here (Excluding Your Stories category) where you like all the other can share your own stories and experiences. I also own and manage my other website Techstagram, where I write on some topics related to Technology (mainly focused on Cloud Computing, Information Security and BYOD).

Let me answer few questions you all may have.

What is this website about?

On this website, you will blogs and stories about confidence, motivation, personal growth and development, happiness, success, overcoming the lack of confidence in when dealing with various situations in life. Basically, things which can inspire you or help you lift up your spirits when you are down.


What’s the purpose of “Your Stories”?

Everyone in their own personal lives face some complicated situatons or choices which sometimes changes the way they perceive life and the people around them. Everyone has a different story to tell, many of which are nothing less than inspirational. If you feel you have an experience, which can inspire someone, make them smile, uplift their self-confidence or motivate them please feel free to send in your details along with the draft and I shall publish them. Please be aware that the intention of the stories should be to resonate with the readers and not promotion or counseling (More on counseling here).

I would also like to emphasize on fact sometimes I may be a bit delayed in publishing both my blogs and yours. All the blogs received will be reviewed and will have to pass copyscape before being published. I request you to not send more than 1 post a month. I am also a full-time working professional which I why many a times I may not be able to blog, respond to your posts, comments on a very regular basis.

Videos & Books?

The videos posted are not my own. A visual representation of a concept is usually more personalized. The comments section for videos have been disabled to avoid anyone posting inappropriate links.

Books sections will provide you with links pertaining to the topics this website is all about.

Note – I kindly request you all to purchase the books through these links, it shall be nothing but an indirect way of your contribution towards my website which will help me keep this up and active. If you have or you intend to purchase any book through this link, please know that I am highly grateful towards your contribution.


Beginning from merely $1, you may feel free to donate the amount you wish to. If you feel the website helped you in any possible way, then any amount you choose to contribute, please know that I couldn’t be more thankful.

What this site is NOT?

If you are suffering from any trauma, depression, crises or any another severe life problems; I sincerely request you to kindly seek professional or medical help or see a therapist. In such cases, neither I nor the other blogs will be the right place to seek help.

Connect with Me!

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